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July 25th

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We had another fun-filled, high-energy meeting last night! There were many new faces in the crowd as we opened the night with the theme: “What’s Your Brand?”

July 18th,2016

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Last night was both fun and inspiring. Our Joke Master Claudia kicked us off with a hilarious airline video that left us in fits of laughter before we transitioned into our two prepared speeches of the evening. The first speech by Ravi M. called upon us to “ask for it” in order to get what we want in life, and the second speech (by yours truly) was about gratitude and ownership of one’s circumstances. During Tabletopics, Eric had each person pull a mystery item from a bag (including a wallet, an iphone, and a rubber duckie) to use as the prompt for their one minute impromptu speech, and Mays creatively turned a standard listener report into a full on game of jeopardy!