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May 26th Meeting

Meeting Recap

We had a shorter meeting than usual last Monday with it being Memorial Day. With Melanie as Toastmaster the meeting was a cynosure (WOTD) none the less. Melanie had everyone thinking about WHY they are involved with Toastmasters.

Here’s a panoramic photo of our members that were in attendance:

Mark used a compelling powerpoint for his visual aids project. With lots of examples we learned fundamental principles of modern web design: Less is MORE and a website must look awesome on all devices!

With all the extra time every member was able to participate in Table Topics, including Stephanie our Table Topics Master.

Allison played double-duty as Evaluator and General Evaluator. Thanks to everyone that attended our special Memorial Day meeting!

Ribbon Winners
Best Speaker: Mark R, TM
Best Evaluator: Allison B, CC, CL
Best of the Big 3: Stephanie M, CC
Best Table Topics Speaker: Melanie R, TM
5-Star Helper: Mark R, TM
Sparkplug: Shiny W, ACB