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January 26, 2015 Meeting

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Tonight's theme was "snow" and it was a fitting theme given the enormous snow storm headed for the Northeast. We learned a very unusual word, "gelid" an adjective describing something very cold. The guests were out in force once more as we see more and more people interested in the Preston Persuaders chapter of Toastmasters!

We heard three very passionate speeches! First, a very compelling speech about dreaming, where Don M. challenged us to not only dream but turn those dreams/ideas/goals into reality by being a person who follows through and does things with those dreams (a doer).

Next up, a speech on voting where Autumn J. compared the very common and popular voting in pop media, such as American Idol, with much of the political voting Americans are avoiding. She challenged us to speak loud and make a difference by voting in political elections.

Finally, a fantastic and very passionate speech by Jyo P. on the subject of integrity. She taught what it was to have integrity and challenged the audience to practice integrity to better their lives and the lives around them.

The table topics speeches were very passionate as well! Susan, the Best Table Topics speaker winner, moved us to be more passionate speakers, showing emotion and having conviction in our voices. The Spark Plug of the evening was our visitor Larry who delivered a fantastic, energetic table topics speech.

Evaluators, perhaps the most important of jobs, were spot on. Three veterans showed up who never disappoint. First was Mark's evaluation. Mark gave Don tools to improve his speeches even more. Brian gave Autumn great pointers on bringing props or other items to improve her speech quality even more. Patrick very naturally delivered the evaluation for Jyo, giving pointers to improve an already great speech.

A very fun night, as usual, and not too gelid for the audience and our many guests.

Join us next Monday at Preston Persuaders!

Ribbon Winners

5-Star Helper: Janak
Best Evaluator: Patrick
Best Table Topics: Susan
Best of the Big 3: Ed
Best Speaker: Don
Sparkplug: Larry (guest)

January 12, 2015 Meeting

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Our Toastmaster of the Day Brian got things started with great vroom (Word of the Day)! The meeting theme was all about cars, so we heard lots of stories about people's car preferences and history.

Ann got right to the point about why we shouldn't always take salespeople at their word. She took us on an entertaining journey of the Mediterranean cruise she went on with her husband. Each step of the journey she compared what the travel agent told her she should expect to what actually happened. Yikes!

Eileen delivered a thoughtful speech about the importance of setting goals throughout the year, instead of just "New Years Resolutions." She shared with us her own personal fitness goals, and practical tips on how to achieve our own goals, including having a vision, and taking baby steps to achieve success. Thanks Eileen!

Our guests almost outnumbered us this week. I lost count, but there were over ten guests that joined us. 

Thank you to the Big 3, evaluators, and all of our helpers for putting on a wonderful meeting!

See everyone next week when we'll find out what Toastmaster of the Day Dean has in store for us!

Ribbon Winners

5-Star Helper: Mickey
Best Evaluator: Mark
Best Table Topics: Sheri (guest)
Best of the Big 3: Brian
Best Speaker: Eileen
Sparkplug: Don

January 5, 2015 Meeting

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Our fantastic start to the new year was testament to Preston Persuaders' resolve (Word of the Day) to be the best! Instead of exploring what we resolve to do in 2015, our Toastmaster of the Day, Mike, focused us on what we resolve NOT to do in 2015.

Susan used ample vocal variety and engrossing gestures to share hear message of: Find Your Beat, Live Your Brand, and Stretch Your Best Self. If your brand is "quirky" and "in your face", live it! She was voted not only Best Speaker, but Sparkplug as well. Way to go Susan!

In Mickey's inspirational speech he encouraged us all to adopt a hero to help us achieve our life purpose. He told us how he has been inspired by one of his heroes, Ayn Rand. Mickey reminded us that it is also in our nature to all be heroes ourselves.

Max told us stories from his recent trip to his hometown in India. He also enlightened us about how appreciated he (and other Indians) are for the British that gave India formalized education, English, and eventually independence. Indians celebrate Republic Day on January 26th; it is similar to our celebrating Independence Day here in the United States.

As always, the big three, our evaluators, and all the helpers worked together seamlessly to put together a meaningful and entertaining meeting! Thank you to our six guests for attending. Clyde, Jordan, Vadim, Sonia, Christine, and Ruth brought warm smiles and uplifting energy into our group! You are all welcome back as many times as you would like as a guest and if you're interested in joining our club, just speak to one of our officers.

Our new club president Mark took a moment during the meeting to also thank all of the outgoing and incoming club officers for all the hardwork they have and will do 

See everyone next week when we'll find out what Toastmaster of the Day Brian has in store for us!


Ribbon Winners

5-Star Helper: Brian
Best Evaluator: Janak
Best Table Topics: Amar
Best of the Big 3: Mike
Best Speaker: Susan
Spark Plug: Susan