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April 16th, 2018

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We had a fantastic meeting this week with a nice Icebreaker from our new member Sarah and 2 new members joined. For the love of reading was our theme and "Deride" was the word of the day.

April 9th 2018

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From our meeting on 4/9/2018. "Music is... " was our theme for the evening and our word of the day was "epistemology". Try slipping that into your table topic.

Best of awards from left to right...
5 Star Helper - Staci Kimmel TM
Best Speaker & Sparkplug - Justin Tang TM
Best of the Big 3 - Mario Munoz TM
Best Evaluator & Table Topics - Nimi Iyalla-Ipaye CC, CL

April 2nd 2018

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The Price of Happiness was our theme for our April 2nd 2018 meeting. Justify was our word of the day.