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March 30th Meeting

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A fun meeting tonight with plenty of laughs and energy. The theme of Spring was perfect, with Spring in the air, as we enter the Genesis of a new year and season.  We heard two fantastic speeches tonight.

First up was a very well organized, clear and concise speech on design elements by Alpa where we learned about composition, positive and negative elements. Next up, a talented speaker with an important message, such as the world is synergized by the many talented and hardworking and not just the few “super stars” of the world.

The word of the day (WOTD), “genesis” went very well with the Spring theme. Genesis (noun) – jen-uh-sis – beginning, or origin. The word was used in creative ways throughout the meeting including a reference to the awesome 80-90’s band, Genesis and the Hyundai Genesis automobile.

We had a lot of fun and laughs. The helpers gave some great tips on how to approach areas of improvement, such as hand movements and posture. We also learned how to improve grammar as well as other opportunity areas.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting Monday (4/6) for fun, laughs and good times.

Ribbon Winners

5 Star Helper: Danielle
Best Evaluator: Chris
Best Table Topics: Mickey
Best of the Big 3: Ann
Best Speaker: Alpa
Sparkplug: Shiny

March 23rd Meeting

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A very high energy gathering tonight with spirited speeches from three veterans. We learned of God’s Country nestled in the South of India named Kerala. Followed by a speech with plenty of pizzazz on juggling, where even the novice could learn juggling, with practice. The speeches were rounded off by (what? a second ice breaker?) on the importance on providing the right environment for learning and success.

The theme this evening was “allergies” due to the wonderful Spring allergies many of us suffer from. The word of the day was: Conundrum – co-nun-drum - a riddle or difficult problem. The word was used perfectly throughout the meeting, by not only table topics speakers, but others as well. The word "conundrum" was even woven into one of the prepared speeches we heard tonight.

Each helper performed their roles above expectation ensuring participants identified areas of opportunity and providing ways of improving in each area of opportunity, such as posture, grammar, timing, listening and general mastery of the English language.

Please join us next Monday (3/30) and grow and mature your communication and leadership skills.

Ribbon winners

5-Star Helper: Mickey
Best Evaluator: Robi
Best Table Topics: Ann
Best of the Big 3: Jyo
Best Speaker: Dean
Sparkplug: Ed

March 9th Meeting

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We had a very fun and exciting meeting, even more fun than in recent memory! The speeches were inspiring, funny, brilliant and interesting. Janak P., who won Best Speaker, entertained us with dramatic and exciting poetry quoting Lewis Carrol’s, Jabberwocky while Alpa A., in her ice breaker, confidently inspired us to find courage in believing in and being ourselves. Chris J. gave us a fresh glimpse into the hearts and minds of Americans in his speech about Transcendentalism.

The theme for tonight’s meeting was “Key Differentiator” (what is your brand?). The word of the day (WOTD) was: Preeminent – pre-em-uh-nuh-nt (adj) – surpassing, superior, eminent above all others The theme was perfect for the very active Preston Pursuaders club. Our President, Mark, announced two area awards Preston Pursuaders received as a result of their preeminent performance in the area.

The helpers were, well… very helpful! Jyo winning the 5-Star Helper award for her role as Lexicologist shared tools to help us become better speakers through our vocabulary, praising those using the word of the day in unexpected places and ways.

Stephanie attended our Monday meeting even on her birthday. Having a member attend on their birthday shows the dedication and determination of this club and members. Of course we had to sing happy birthday to this very special lady.

Please join us next Monday (3/16) and plan to feel inspired and energized.

Ribbon Winners

5-Star Helper: Jyo
Best Evaluator: Susan
Best Table Topics: Ed
Best of the Big 3: Don
Best Speaker: Janak
Sparkplug: Melanie