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November 25th Meeting

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The toastmaster CC Alex E. brought in an attitude of gratitude for the meeting's theme. The speakers kept it up in their speeches with lessons learned, an awesome adventure, and poignant facts. TM Sofia O. shared a message of taking care of your health and not leaving valuables, even in a locked car. TM Mark R. spoke of exploring the Hall of the White Giant and slipping through Matlock’s Pinch in the Carlsbad Cavern. DTM Jyo P. talked about how among some societies female babies and females in general are treated as unwanted and gave a call to action. The table topics master ACG, ALS Hugh D. gave our guests a chance to answer fun questions and brought out some thanksgiving favorites and funny worst foods, like cranberry sauce and fruitcake.

The general evaluator TM Mike T. brought humor and helpful evaluations to the meeting. ACS, CL Dean E. closed out the meeting with the announcement of the night's winners.

November 11th Meeting

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Toastmaster CC Mickey B. brought us back to the "Happy Days" TV series and the realization that happy days are not stuck in the past. Our three speakers gave inspiring speeches. TM Melanie R. started out with a reminder that you never know and it's best not to judge people. TM Stephanie M. followed up with a powerpoint presentation explaining the importance of taking care of our veterans. CC, CL Allison B. gave an eloquent PresTony award presentation as a specialty speech. Table topics master ACB Shiny W. kept the happy days theme going with questions about what color and what things made people happy. General evaluator CC Alex E. reminded the club of the importance of keeping evaluations positive and receiving feedback well.

November 4th Meeting

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Congratulations to Jyo P., DTM, for winning first place at the District 50 evaluation contest last Friday! Mike T., TM, led the meeting as a first-time toastmaster of the day with the local theme of Dallas. We heard two great speeches from Mickey B., CC, and Brian T., ACB. Mickey talked about similarities with his father and lessons learned. Brian talked about three major differences with traveling to Europe, rather than traveling within the states. Ed M., ACS, ALB, asked table topics participants about their favorite Dallas whereabouts, leading to some fun Dallas facts.

Lisa S., CC, led the evaluators to provide constructive feedback to the speakers. At the end of the meeting, the nominations committee chair, Sarah W., CC, ALB, presented the slate of officers for January to June 2014.  The club voted to accept the following slate of officers!