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December 17th Meeting

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TM Mark R. led the end of the year spectacular with a meeting packed with wonderful speeches. TM Durai K. shared with us his favorite book The Greatest Salesman in the World. TM Larry D. taught us that having grit is the passion to moving forward in life. TM Wen K. explained how to make a delectable beef stew. CC Mickey B. shared his experiences and great tips to provide poignant evaluations. CC, CL Allison B. roasted outgoing club president ACB Rick G. for his service in office. Members and guests packed Spoons Cafe and enjoyed great food and camaraderie after the meeting. The next meeting will not be until Monday, January 6, so have spectacular and safe holidays until then!

December 2nd Meeting

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CC, CL Allison B. led a meeting full of holiday cheer. TM Larry D. gave his icebreaker speech talking about the places he has been and that he is still creating the answer to "Who Am I." ACB Brian T. explained that the way Hollywood portrays sprinklers in the ceiling of buildings is all wrong; they only go off when the temperature rises to a certain degree. TM Wen K. had a lot of holiday songs and questions in store for the table topics participants, and general evaluator CC Mickey B. advised of the importance of preparing a backup speech, whether you are the toastmaster or not, to be ready to seize opportunity.