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April 14th Meeting

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Meeting Recap

Toastmaster for the meeting, Allison, started off by recounting humorous personal anecdotes in her daily life that required making decisions, the theme of the meeting. Everyone enjoyed learning how the time of day mattered in the decisions of the Israeli parole board in granting paroles.

In his speech, Good Corporate Citizen, Chris made a presentation on the background that led to the Sarbanes-Oxley law and how good governance and corporate ethics are the backbone of the company he works for. In his speech,Patrick and the Lion’s Den, Patrick delivered a thundering roar. His voice inflections and animated gestures mesmerized the audience. In his speech, Easy Peasy Sprouting, Mark truly met his speech objectives for researching a topic. In a very demonstrative presentation, Mark described how easy it is to grow various sprouts and the powerful nutritional benefits they can bring to your diet. For the finale, Bahman spoke about Credit Scores. His speech was very revealing on how simple omissions can affect your credit score and how they can have devastating impact on future purchases. Bahman completed all the projects from the competent communicator manual. Kudos to Bahman.

Mike, our Table Topics Master, posed interesting questions relative to decision making and the participating speakers had humorous responses. The General Evaluator Lisa again reminded all of us about the importance of addressing the speech objectives in evaluating the prepared speeches. Although a packed meeting, everyone did an outstanding job reconciling (WOTD) to maintain scheduled times.

Ribbon Winners
Best Speaker: Patrick M, CC
Best Evaluator: Mickey B, CC
Best of the Big 3: Allison B, CC, CL
Best Table Topics Speaker: Carolyn K, TM
5-Star Helper: Rick G, ACB
Sparkplug: Mark R, TM

April 7th Meeting

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Meeting Recap

Our meeting last Monday was anything but tranquil (WOTD) with lively presentations by speakers and helpers alike. Toastmaster of the Day, Brian, shared with us the fascinating history of “the weekend”.

For the prepared speeches, Durai used engaging body gestures to take us all along for the worst flight he’s ever been on. We learned that gardening, cooking, and reading all feed Jyo’s soul. And, Max shared with us how our humbly awesome club fits into the grand scheme of Toastmasters International.

All our Table Topics Speakers, Evaluators, and Helpers did a great job! At the end of the meeting we all were thoroughly generally evaluated by Sarah.

Ribbon Winners
Best Speaker: Durai K, TM
Best Evaluator: Susan B, TM
Best of the Big 3: Sarah W, CC, ALB
Best Table Topics Speaker: Patrick M, CC
5-Star Helper: Janak P, TM
Sparkplug: Sarah W, CC, ALB

March 31st Meeting

Meeting Recap

Toastmaster for the evening Mickey took everyone on a personal adventure to get us started on the - Adventure Time – theme for the meeting. In his speech –It Was Not My Time – Max experienced an adventure of epic proportions. He narrated quite poignantly how he was hospitalized and was in coma for three weeks and lived to tell us his story. It was a very remarkable and touching speech. In her speech – Toastmasters Club Adventure in Taipei – Shinyexploited (WOTD) her trip overseas to explore and experience a Toastmaster meeting in Taiwan. It was quite illuminating to hear how the Toastmasters in Taipei have created a platform for social networking as well culinary experiences. In his speech – Plano: America’s City – Bahman reeled off effortlessly the numerous positive statistics on the city of Plano and how that has put Plano in one the most livable cities in America. Sofia in her – A Few Facts and Memories About Columbia – speech recalled many of the wonderful and happy moments growing up in her native country of Columbia. All were introduced to the tropical fruit, guanabana, whose flavor is a combination of strawberry and pineapple.

Congratulations to Mickey on winning first place in the International Speech Area Contest. Mickey will represent PPTM in the Divisional Contest. Congratulations to Mark as well on securing second place in the Tall Tales Contest.

Ribbon Winners
Best Speaker: Sofia O, TM
Best Evaluator: Janak P, TM
Best of the Big 3: Mickey B, CC
Best Table Topics Speaker: Doug Warner, TM
5-Star Helper: Allison B, CC, CL
Sparkplug: Sofia O, TM