August 5th Meeting

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Our meeting at the Atmos Energy facility was an exciting change of place for last Monday! We had a great crowd out to hear from a fantastic line up of speakers. Toastmaster Melanie regaled us with a speech about discovering your ideal and going for it. Competent Toastmaster (CTM) Sanju explained what charity is: kindness given to other people, not necessarily a cash donation. The final speaker of the evening, Competent Communicator Brian taught us the fundamentals of coaching and performed a live role play guiding a troubled employee through a spreadsheet issue. The table topics master Toastmaster Aaron asked some striking questions in keeping with the theme of "Unions - Organized Labor." At the end of the evening awards were presented to the persons who best met their objectives and performed their roles.

July 22nd Meeting

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Last night's meeting was a fantastic evening full of surprises, as the theme suggested! We heard a delightful tale from Shiny about the tortoise racing the hare. We learned how the clever tortoise outwitted the smart-aleck hare to win the race. Our club president, Rick, gave a speech about the need to break the taboo surrounding talking about sex. Rick told us how the talk can start at the dinner table. Our last speaker of the evening, Jyo, performed a reading about the process of aging and garnered good laughs with some fun jokes.

The Table Topics segment truly brought us to the metaphorical table. It was a fruitful evening of questions with fun facts about mulberries, the pungent smelling durian fruit, and other summer fruit. All in all, it was a fantastic meeting with great participation. We hope to have you join in next week!

July 15th Meeting

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We had a wonderful meeting last night! For those of you that were not able to make it, this is what you missed! Janak gave his ice breaker speech and it was fantastic! He took us from where he was first growing up, on a farm in India, to where he is working today, at his the tallest building in Dallas. Congratulations on this impressive speech, Janak! Wen gave his second speech as he walked us through his history of making long distance calls and reminded us all of how much technology has changed our lives in such a short time. A fantastic speech as well! Another fun, yet informative, meeting of the Preston Persuaders Toastmasters Club! We hope to welcome you next week!

July 8th Meeting

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We had a great meeting last night, and for those of you that were not able to make it, this is what you missed! Stephanie and Alex were awarded the Preston Persuaders Rookie of the Year and Toastmaster of the Year, respectively. Allison was recognized for achieving her Competent Communicator award and Skyler was recognized for achieving the highest Toastmaster award of Distinguished Toastmaster. Ed was congratulated for being elected Frontier Division Governor. Congratulations to all, and the fun didn’t stop there!

Our Toastmaster for the meeting Shiny, entertained us with songs, quotes, and food. Table Topics Master Jyo challenged us with creative table topics questions, and General Evaluator Allison encouraged us with a quick but thorough evaluation. We heard four memorable speeches and our evaluators provided great suggestions on how to improve. What a meeting! We hope to welcome you next week!

September 24th, 2018

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Keep Smiling was the theme for the meeting on September 24th. The word of the day was Exhuberant.
Best of winnwrs from Left tp right:

Vote Counter - Nimi Iyalla Ipaye (ACB, ALB)
Best Speaker & Sparkplug - Dennis Steager (CC)
Best Evaluator - Nur Beg (ACB, ACS)
Best of Big 3 - Ven Kuvari (CC, CL)
5 Star Helper - Nathan Floyd (TM)