December 10th, 2018

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Our theme this week was "The Power of Words" and cognizance as the word of the day. We had 4 fantastic speeches with our newest member giving his Ice Breaker. I proposed the one word challenge for PPTM members. Instead of  setting a new years resolution, come up with one word that will encompass everything you want to accomplish in the new year. 

Best of winners from left to right:

 Best of Big 3 - Mario Munoz (CC,ECL1)

Sparkplug - Nur Beg (ACB,ALS)

Best Speaker - Chao Wang (TM)

Best Table Topics Speaker - Dennis Steeger (CC)

5 Star Helper - Emily Stohl (CC, CL, SRL1)

Best Evaluator - Valerie Harris (ACB, CL)

20181211 160827


Our New member Chao Wang being awarded the Ice Breaker ribbon from our President Emily Stohl.

20181210 210308